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GreenTimber Group is an international biomass trader and project developer


The Group’s major activities are:


  • Logging and forest management
  • Wood pellets trade – bulk and containers
  • Development of logistical facilities for wood pellets export
  • Development of wood/torrefied pellets production
  • Development of torrefaction technology
  • Financing of investments

Our mission is to provide European industry and consumers with a steady flow of quality, clean, sustainable biomass for energy purposes by

  • making use of sustainable biomass resources available for consumers on long term basis
  • development of efficient logistical chains
  • innovative production and logistical solutions


Timbergate Oy – trade operator, Kotka, Finland




Ekman & Co AB
GreenTimber Group acts as agent, supplier and integrator of biomass for Ekman & Co AB since 2018.
Technology adviser since 2018. One of the pioneers of biomass torrefaction.