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Innovative solutions allow GreenTimber Group to optimize supply chains, provide competitive advantages and secure market position in the long run.


Innovations in biomass logistics

Wood pellets export logistics are based on integral container solutions. Advantages of container solutions by wood pellets export:

  • No packaging materials required
  • Less loading/unloading operations during intermodal transportation
  • Minimal damage to pellets
  • Complete flexibility
  • Safe and economical storage in the port or at rear freight terminals
  • Fast loading (3000+ metric tons per day)



Torrefaction or ‘soft pyrolisis’ of biomass allows to extract low calorie fraction from the material and raise energy content of biomass. Pelletized product has characteristics similar to fossil coal and remains completely renewable.

Advantages for industrial users

Compared to fossil coal

  • Renewable, CO2-Neutral – allows to prolong operations of coal-fired stations
  • No excise taxes. Carbon credits can be sold
  • Low ash, low sulfur, chlorine, nitrogene content

Compared to biomass/wood pellets

  • Energy content close to fossil coal
  • Moisture resistance and high energy density – low transport costs
  • Low specific grinding energy
  • Can be transported, stored, prepared and co-fired together with coal – up to 100% at existing facilities with minimal investment into modernization

Compared to other renewables

  • Possibility to use existing coal-fired generation facilities
  • Possibility to co-generate both heat and power
  • No weather dependency
  • No expensive enclosed storage facilities needed

GreenTimber Group is developing/adapting torrefaction technology for application at investment projects in Russia