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Investment activities

GreenTimber Group acts as developer and as an investor in biomass related projects. Type of investment projects included in the Group’s investment strategy:

  • Innovative logistical solutions and facilities
  • Production facilities in Russia
  • Innovative production technology
  • Distribution systems in the target markets

Main principles

  • Elaborated and proven technology
  • Guaranteed raw material supply
  • Long term agreements with suppliers and clients


Biomass Torrefaction Investment Programme

GreenTimber Group in cooperation with a specialized Renewables Investment Fund is working on a series of investment projects to establish several torrefied pellets production facilities in different parts of Russia. The whole Programme will include production facilities with total annual capacity of over 1 million tons in 2021-2025

All projects:

  • Long-term raw material base
  • Logistical accessibility
  • Option to produce wood pellets/torrefied pellets

There are two main types of projects:

Modernization of existing pellet plants

GreenTimber Group can add torrefaction reactors to existing pellet plants.

Such projects can be implemented in 10 months with minimum payback periods

Greenfield projects

GreenTimber Group will implement medium and large scale projects (50 000 – 150 000 mt of torrefied pellets per year) based on reliable sources of certified raw material.